Produce price fluctuations, crop failures, torrential rains, drought. How can I manage all these changes and still meet my customers’ needs?

Understanding that managing produce can be, at times, very challenging, HomeDel provides you with amazing flexibility:

  • Prices are fluid until the orders are invoiced
  • Capacity to globally substitute products into the box keeps your cost, sales reports, and inventory accurate and the production line more efficient.
  • Use up your extras–managers can top up low boxes based on accurate inventory
  • Easily manage out-of-stock items or restrict sales to what is available
  • Automatically remove your out-of-stock produce items from the web store with the restrict produce functionality
  • Sell by weight or unit–you can do both
  • Order one type of veggie from multiple small farms to maximize your local supplies!

Our robust Box Building and Standing Order functionality can easily be applied to non-produce sales. (Meat boxes, recipe boxes, menu boxes, etc.)