Tell me, how many excel sheets does it take to run a Home Delivery or CSA?!

Established in 2004, HomeDel was designed to specifically meet the needs of a produce delivery business:

  • Creates your orders to suppliers and pick-lists for the farm
  • Provides inventory control
  • Processes customer receivables

Upon start-up, we take care of your technology requirements! Our TechTeam includes experts in: graphic design, website navigation, SEO, customer communication, application development and hardware infrastructure.

Our Service Team is made up of people who have direct experience in your business model. Email us and we will respond to your questions as needed. Training in the basics is included in our Initial Package and training continues to include specific aspects of functionality that help advance your business over time.


“…the technology changes so rapidly it’s hard to keep up.
It’s very freeing to be able to delegate this very important part of our on-line business to the HomeDel Team.”
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Rachel Brown – Brown Box Organics