Online shopping trends change all the time. My site needs to be specific to my market!

We understand your business model is not like the standard online shop. Pricing and availability change every week! Improved shopping navigation assists customers in setting their standing order and adding on those delicious local extras.

It is easy for your customers to sign up and choose their box. Standing orders make it a truly “one stop shop” and the customers’ boxes are automatically scheduled. In our research, customers love the ease of ordering a box once and having it arrive every week. When they don’t have time to go back to your shopping site each week, their produce arrives on the doorstep regardless.

Standing orders can be flexible in their frequency: milk every week, eggs every second week, coffee once a month. We can do that!

Customize using product preferences. Customers set up their likes and dislikes once. They get what they want automatically and you manage their requirements with ease.

For a more hands-on approach, customers can have the option to fully customize their boxes week-to-week. From full box customization to non-modifiable, curated, seasonal boxes, you make the choice for each box type you’d like to offer.

Consider specialty boxes outside of the usual CSA-style produce boxes: meat boxes and recipe boxes increase your average sale per delivery!


“…I could have my own branding and customize the front end to be seamless with my own site.” (read more)

Craig Hubbard – Shambhala Farm

Graphic-based Web Store

You chose from HomeDel supplied templates designed from our ongoing research by our web-design and internet navigation experts. There is much flexibility in the offered templates so please let us know your wish list! Customers’ shopping experience can be individual to your store.

  • want larger graphics?
  • add product info using icon sets: organic, local, gluten-free, non-GMO, etc.


Process credit cards with a click of the mouse

Your HomeDel management interface is linked to a payment Gateway and the manager processes credit cards in batches with a click of a mouse. Customers shop, you invoice and take payment after your web store closes and before their delivery.