I will continue to recommend your software. I have seen many home delivery companies come, and then go down in flames, for lack of it. Very glad you came up with it!
Discovery Organics

Annie Moss
Discovery Organics

We are very passionate about what we do and we share that passion with others through the offerings on our website.
I really appreciate that HomeDel looks after all the technical upgrades to my web store, the visual presentation framework and the customer navigation.

Even though I have been involved in the technical side of web services in the past the technology changes so rapidly it’s hard to keep up.
It’s very freeing to be able to delegate this very important part of our on-line business to the Home Del Team.

Rachel Brown
Brown Box Organics

Thanks so much for everything – I love the system!! I almost have a life…

We have just opened our commercial kitchen and are busy freezing tons of fresh vegetables for winter consumption and processing many more tons of heirloom tomatoes! (on top of everything else we do!).

Your software has allowed us to effortlessly increase our customer database and better serve our customers! And we now offer our customers the option of adding produce to their baskets (at an additional cost) for the special items they really love!

I am a fan!

Stuart Collins
Bryson Farms

I’m so excited!! Just browsing around the management interface is making my blood pressure go down…

Home Del it is. Microsoft Excel is in my rear-view mirror.

All smiles here because we ran the invoices this aft and they are all PERFECT!

Thank you so much, the order page is working exactly like we were hoping!

Have a great weekend and you guys are awesome!OrganicBoxLogo

Danny Turner
The Organic Box

I investigated many sites and even had friends developing similar sites however I chose HomeDel hands down over all the others for several reasons.

I could have my own branding and customize the front end to be seamless with my own site. Very detailed backend systems for stock control and customizing of orders for our customers. The pricing structure was very attractive as well and the tech support and training has been awesome.

Craig Hubbard
Shambhala Farm

It would be impossible for me to give our customers the level of service I do, without your software.

Sue McKay
Grindstone Farm

I couldn’t imagine running the home delivery business without this program. I am able to easily make changes, track routes and add extras to our boxes.

It also helps tremendously with customer service; members call in – I have their account up in seconds and can answer their questions without ever having to put them on hold.

Thank you for everything that you do!

Pam Estrada
Family Farm Fresh

a few words from Susan, one of the originators of HomeDel… creator and owner of a home delivery company that ran successfully for 19 years

Bringing this software system on board has allowed me to run my business much more effectively, in much less time, with much less stress. I have 25% more customers now and do the work in half the time!

In addition, with customers inputting their orders directly into the system, I will save on payroll as well!

Now, I have my business running efficiently and I have my life back!

Susan Tychie

Home Delivery Management started with a bold idea. Susan Tychie had, for several years, successfully operated a small organic food home delivery service. Susan’s business was steadily growing, and her workload was increasing as she took on more customers and more staff. Needing a better way of handling the tedious day-to-day administrative tasks that were consuming large amounts of her workday, she turned to a team of database specialists.

The powerful and easy-to-use system they built has totally changed Susan’s life. Now Susan has teamed with these specialists to bring a web-enabled version of this database functionality to you, enabling your customers to order online and automating every aspect of your business. For more on how your home delivery operation can benefit from this service, please contact us.